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BrightStar Aerospace

BrightStar Group has a long history of supporting international private or public organizations in the Aerospace sectors, accelerating decision, working around their most complex commercial challenges.


Our ability to consistently uncover new insights and devise winning strategies has enabled us to build long-term client relationships.


The Israeli government, Israeli major institutions, as well as leading international players of the Aerospace Industry, all rely on BrightStar's quality team in order to manage their local Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing operations, identify and exploit new opportunities, improve the performance of existing operations, and develop the strategies and processes to secure a successful positions on the Israeli market.

Aerosupply Events


BrightStar Aerospace is organizing together with Kenes International, the Aerosupply Israel and Aerosupply India Event.


The Aerosupply Event host international delegations from leading Aerospace companies headed by senior management representatives (Chairman, CEOs or Executive management level) and comprise of managers holding a position in the supply chain, procurement, purchasing, engineering, fabrication and R&D divisions, as well as managers holding positions in the Sales, Marketing and Business Development divisions.




The Israeli Ministry of Economy has appointed BrightStar to manage on its behalf the Israel Aerospace Manufacturers Federation (IAMF).


It was established at the end of 2011 with the greeting and support of the Israel Manufacturers Association.


The Israel Aerospace Manufacturers Federation (IAMF) is the premier Israeli aerospace federation assisting local manufacturers in their efforts to establish business partnerships worldwide.

Representative Services

BrightStar Aerospace is offering International companies to be its local representative office in Israel.


BrightStar combines experience, rigorous analysis and deep local industry understanding to help senior executives develop and implement innovative, growth-oriented business strategies.


Our diverse offerings cover three core services:

  • Local operations management 

  • Local Marketing &Sales Management  

  • Strategic Partnership Establishment with local player.

Distribution Services 

Together with its strategic partner Avion Systems Ltd, A New York based corporation serving airlines customers in more than 50 countries, BrightStar can offer tailor made distribution services to companies selling to the Aerospace industry.


Our services include providing an option for sale and lease back of existing stock, access to Avion’s inventory worldwide and a local representative services for on-going communications with a dedicated sales force.



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