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The Israeli Ministry of Economy has appointed BrightStar to manage on its behalf the Israel Aerospace Manufacturers Federation (I.A.M.F).


It was established at the end of 2011 with the greeting and support of the Israel Manufacturers Association.


Israel’s Aviation and Aerospace Industry is at the forefront of technological advancement, sophistication and efficiency. Its success in research and development of new products and advanced technologies is a direct outcome of Israel's hard-won experience in defending itself, its skies and its air transportation.


The Israel Aerospace Manufacturers Federation (IAMF) is the premier Israeli aerospace federation assisting local manufacturers in their efforts to establish business partnerships worldwide.




IAMF sees its destination in providing Israeli manufacturers and industries with the best support for the purpose of marketing their advanced technologies, products and capabilities to the leading aerospace industry worldwide.


The mission of the Israeli Aerospace is to serve and represent the interests of Israel’s Aerospace manufacturing firms with a single unified voice in the international markets.


IAMF’s members are dedicated in providing the global international aerospace industry with the latest technology, resources and capacity.


It is this dedication that fuels the production of the highest quality aerospace products for both the OEM and aftermarket industry segments.


The members of the Israeli Aerospace Manufacturers Federation are all complying with the AS9100 Aerospace standard and specialize in the following fields:


  • Aircraft and Helicopter Component Manufacturer (Avionic, Fuselage, Wing, Stabilizers, Flaps, Wiring, Mechanical Parts (Control Elements, Landing Gear, Engine mounts/Pylons)

  • Aerospace Machining, Molding, Composite Materials, Hybrid Aero-Structures

  • Engine Component

  • Engineering Service.




The IAMF offers to its members the following services:


  • Ensure maximum exposure to its member and facilitate their interaction with leaders of the International aerospace industry, through the help of the local IAMF representatives, trade missions, conferences and large event such as the AEROSUPPLY ISRAEL 2014

  • Assist its members in positioning their capabilities to best reflect the value they can provide to the industry

  • Help its members in accessing state grants to assist them in their marketing efforts overseas

  • Organize networking event with other members to build strong business relationships

  • Provide access to its member to industry local experts and consultants in advanced aerospace quality certifications, process engineering, advanced materials, marketing, logistics, technologies, standards and compliance requirements etc. to ensure continuous process improvements.


All IAMF members strictly comply with the most advanced international standards of quality, safety and environmental protection,  required by the Aerospace industry.



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