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BrightStar professionals bring deep industry expertise together with countless hands-on experiences spanning functions, sectors and geographies. Our industry experience and innovative thinking combine to move our recommendations beyond formula and orthodoxy and pinpoint the best and most practical course of action.




BrightStar Aerospace is the perfect local partner for international players in the Aerospace Industry, willing to develop their activities in Israel.


We provide local assistance for our customers in managing and monitoring their suppliers, commercial aspects, lobbying activities and more.




BrightStar HighTech provides its clients with full knowledge of specific business practices as well as local experienced teams in breaking cultural barriers.


BrightStar HighTech specializes in outsourcing the business development of foreign companies in Europe. 





Over the past two decades, Israel has emerged to become one of the most important venture capital markets outside the United States.


BrightStar Capital enable foreign investors to become part of exciting Israeli venture capital investment arena.



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