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BrightStar Capital


Over the past two decades, Israel has emerged to become one of the most important venture capital markets outside the United States.


During four waves of fundraising from 1992 to 2010, the local Israeli venture capital industry raised an aggregate  of over $15 billion for investment in Israel-related technology companies.


Using a very simple investment structure and methodology, BrightStar capital enables foreign investors to become part of exciting Israeli venture capital investment arena.


About BrightStar Capital


BrightStar Capital was established in order to leverage the successful israeli startups with BrightStar operational knowledge in managing European sales business development and sales process.


The Founders of BrightStar Capital, serving as well as investment committee members, are comprised of experienced investors and management persons active in local HighTech industry for close than 20 years.


They will bring to the fund their extensive network of local fund managers, entrepreneurs and local HighTech companies.


This unique combination provide the ability to gain preferred access to the most promising  companies and allow BrightStar Capital to select the most promising israeli related ventures, and ultimately provide investors with superior returns.


Thanks to BrightStar’s members accumulated experience and contact across countries and sectors,  BrightStar’s Capital is providing mentoring assistance to our local CEOs in order to  reach their full potential.


BrightStar Capital portfolio companies rely on BrightStar’s  members network to provide direct business assistance, to help our local management to address key business challenges and achieve growth milestones. These milestones can include fine tuning the commercial strategy and pitch to fit the local markets, making a key hire, finding clients, generating sales, identifying strategic partners,


Investment Strategy


BrightStar Capital  invests in Israeli (or Israeli related) high-growth high-tech companies which are  addressing the global market place, and strive to become “category leaders” in their respective market domains.


BrightStar capital investment are done through a European vehicle and will insure at least one seat at the board of the companies we have invested in.


Investment Stage and Vehicle 


BrightStar Capital  invest only in later series company with actual sales of at least several million USD per year.


Types of companies we are looking for:


  • Startups that have developed cutting edge, disruptive, clear-cut solution to current needs in one of our investment sectors, 

  • Startups that have a solid track record of done deals and references to prove that they also have execution know how.

  • Companies that have a solid founder team with the right mix of vision, creativity and energy, combined with commitment, business experience and integrity.

  • We look for substantial proprietary technology and intellectual property to create significant barriers to entry for others.

  • We want to be convinced to demonstrate an intimate knowledge & understanding of the relevant markets, competitors and business models in operation within their space.


Technology Sectors:

  • Communications

  • Enterprise Software

  • Internet

  • Media Technologies  

  • Aerospace

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