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BrightStar HighTech

BrightStar HighTech has developed over the years a very successful track record as a representative of Israeli Hi-tech companies in developing their business in the Very Large Accounts.


With direct presence of BrightStar local executives in the UK, Germany and France and partners in many additional countries, BrightStar HighTech expertise resides in selling complex technological products or solutions to Very Large Accounts (including very large groups, organizations or government bodies and agencies).


BrightStar HighTech is offering technology companies to take responsibility for all their Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Operations. The combination of our local executive experience, deep knowledge of the decision making process in such very large groups and  direct access to senior executives and decision makers which we have built trust across the years, allow BrightStar HighTech to shorten the sales cycles and penetration time.


This is why BrightStar already has among its customers some of the most prestigious names in the local HighTech industry, that fully rely on BrightStar HighTech in order to get their first significant reference customers in the market, build their strategic partnerships and channels (including VAR or distributors).


To date, BrightStar HighTech has been assigned with more than 10 sales and business development missions resulting in multimillions dollars contracts for our customers. BrightStar HighTech is bringing to its customers a unique combination of 15 year's of experience in developing sales and operation in the high tech sector, extensive local network, technical expertise, strategic planning, execution capabilities and deep knowledge of the different verticals and markets.

Types of companies we are looking for:


  • Startups that have developed cutting edge, disruptive, clear-cut solution to current needs in one of our sectors of expertise.


  • Startups that have a solid track record of done deals and references to prove that they also have execution know how.


  • We look for substantial proprietary technology and intellectual property to create significant barriers to entry for others...


Technology Sectors:

  • Communications

  • Enterprise Software

  • Internet

  • Media Technologies  

  • Aerospace

Among Our Clients
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