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Distribution Services

BrightStar offers to its customers distribution services worldwide and target all the players in the Aerospace industry in these different markets.

 Our highly experienced team, dedicated to customer expectations, can provide  

 customized services with maximum flexibility and global 24/7 availability including:



  • Full service provider for commercial aviation Airlines and Manufacturers:

    • Sales, exchange, leasing & rental possibilities

    • Close cooperation with Planning, Engineering,  Operations & Logistics, QA

    • 24/7  Component support

    • Scheduled maintenance


  • Consignment services, Buy & Lease Back, Surplus purchasing.

 Complies with:

  • ISO 9001:2000  

  • An accredited distributor approved by the Aviation Suppliers Association

  • FAA‘s Advisory Circular (AC 00-56).


The countries where we have local Distributors are the following: USA, Israel, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina.



Among our clients

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