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Aerosupply Events and Tours


The Aerosupply Event host international delegations from leading Aerospace companies headed by senior management representatives (Chairman, CEOs or Executive management level) and comprise of managers holding a position in the supply chain, procurement, purchasing, engineering, fabrication or R&D divisions, as well as managers holding positions in the Sales, Marketing and Business Development divisions.



In addition, many International Federations are represented in order to enhance the bilateral relationships between Israel and their home country in the Aerospace market.


The event gathers the leading companies in the commercial and military aerospace technologies including Aircrafts, Helicopters and UAVs Component Manufacturer (Avionic, Fuselage, Wing, Stabilizers, Flaps, Wiring), Mechanical Parts (Control Elements, Landing Gear, Engine mounts/Pylons), Engine Components, Engineering Services, Avionics HW & SW, Aeronautics Software, Electronic Flight Instrument , Aerospace Machining, Molding, Composite materials, Hybrid Aero-structures, Embedded Systems, Optical & Electronic Products, Active Noise Control, Avionics Data and Video Recording Systems, Training and Readiness Software, Simulation Tools, etc.

Sponsors and Partners of Aerosupply Israel
The Aerosupply Events are organized by 
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